This first edition of Mental Health and Illness is created to stimulate participation and creative research while providing a valid structure to the approach of complex problems, particularly issues relevant to mental health and illness. The greatest emphasis is directed toward the process itself more so than the specific details.

The factual content will forever be incomplete since perfecting this integrated model is a never-ending, evolving process. The long-term plan is to develop all four levels in greater detail with input contributed by you, the reader.

Four dimensions to The Integrated System Model:

• The first is a fundamental model of human functioning in a state of health, with particular attention given to those systems most directly relevant to mental health.

• The second is a multi-system model of each disease entity. Depression has been used as the first pathological state to be described. Other pathological states to be discussed will include OCD and other disorders of the Fear/Adversive Pathways,encephalopathy caused by infectious disease, Attention Deficit Disorder, substance abuse and violence.

• The third dimension is the assessment of each disease entity.

• The fourth dimension focuses on a multi-system model of prevention and treatment for each disease entity.

With the approach of the new millennium, we are gradually understanding what is clearly the most complex and the most important scientific challenge - insight into ourselves. The quality of our lives, our inner peace and world peace all benefit from progress in this area. Through this Integrated System Model, it is my hope that we can continue to mobilize our technology and knowledge towards progress in this area.

A Note to Contributors: This model shall be updated monthly to include significant and valid contributions from the reader. Contributors shall be recognized according to established AMA guidelines. To maintain the integrity of the original document and to ensure that all readers and contributors benefit from its value, contributions will be reviewed for content. Please post your contributions to the appropriate message boards included on this web site.