The Assessment of Chronic Lyme Disease


    1. Screening Assessment
    2. Multi-system History
    3. In-depth exam of affected system(s)
    4. Laboratory evaluation
    5. Treatment as indicated
    6. Periodic reassessment (Lyme and other diseases)



  1. Do you engage in activities that may expose you to infected ticks?
  2. Is there a prior history of a tick bite, possibly with a flu like illness and/or a bull’s eye or other rash?
  3. Is there a point at which your health declined, followed by a relapsing progression and development of symptoms?
  4. Is there a multi-system illness not clearly explained on some other basis?
  5. Is there a multitude of cognitive, psychiatric, neurological, and physical symptoms some of, which are subtle and variable?
  6. Are some of the following symptoms part of this illness?
    Joint pain, bone pain, cranial nerve symptoms, headaches, neurological symptoms, impairment of attention, concentration, memory retrieval, perception, emotional reactivity, sleeping, eating, sex, temperature regulation, and other physical symptoms.
  7. Have antibiotics ever caused a sudden worsening followed by an improvement of these symptoms?
  8. The answers to the above questions determine whether the next level of assessment for Lyme disease is advised. Refer to the assessment protocol at (